TONY RIPARETTI is perhaps best known for his collaboration with director Albert Pyun, having scored 32 of Albert's films.

An accomplished film composer, Tony began his music career performing in bands as a guitarist, singer and songwriter from 1968 until 1984. During that time, he had record and publishing deals and toured with his band Sue Saad and the Next in the US and Europe, as well as performing as a session player and producer for other artists.

His film score career took off in 1984 when Director Albert Pyun asked Tony to score a few scenes for the feature RADIOACTIVE DREAMS.  Since that time, Tony has collaborated with Albert Pyun on over 30 films, and has 40 films to his overall credits.  For the film POSTMORTEM Tony flew to Bratislava, Slovakia where he recorded a full 70-minute orchestral score with the Radio Slovakia Orchestra.

In 2009, Tony built a new studio, Sound Logic Studios in Santa Barbara, CA. In addition to being a composer, Tony has expanded his film career by including sound effects designer and re-recording mixer to his resume.

Besides film scoring, Tony has written music for commercials, documentaries and television network series NBC’s WIND ON WATER (1998). 

Recent films include INVASION (2007) and LEFT FOR DEAD (2008) released by Lions Gate.  Upcoming films include BULLETFACE, LEFT FOR DEAD INFERNO, and the soundtracks for each (March 2010) and TALES OF AN ANCIENT EMPIRE (April 2010) released by Curnan Pictures. Additional films scheduled for release  include ROAD TO HELL (June 2010) and COOL AIR (Halloween 2010).

Tony has donated many hours lending his musical/studio expertise to up-and-coming film and music students spanning a diverse cross-section (world music, hip hop, new age and rock).  He has recently completed a new CD of his original music, “Not So Silent Movies”.

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